Giclée Prints

Giclée prints are reproductions of original artwork produced using the finest quality archival materials and the latest digital technology.

Fine art giclée prints offer an exciting option to both artists and collectors. Because giclée prints are produced by skilled craftsmen using advanced digital technology, they offer the best quality reproduction of original artwork available today. The color, detail, clarity and archival characteristics of giclées are unsurpassed.

I made the decision to offer giclées because I want to provide more opportunity for people who enjoy my work to own it. Giclées allow me to meet that goal without sacrificing quality. It is exciting for me to see an affordable print of my work that can faithfully reproduce the brushstrokes, textures and colors that make my paintings unique. In addition, to ensure that each image is truly special, my edition sizes are very small; most are just 50 prints, the others 99 prints.

These giclée prints are produced using continuous tone ink jet technology with archival inks on acid-free, high quality watercolor paper. When done properly, the production of the digital file and the resulting prints is a painstaking process requiring very specialized equipment and high levels of skill. Scientific testing of giclée images has shown that under normal lighting conditions, no noticeable fading of the image will occur for many years — from 25 to 100+, depending on the precise combination of paper and inks used. Because giclée prints are made from a stored digital image, an edition can be produced over time, with images in multiple sizes. Unlike printing technologies which use plates, the digital file does not “wear” as images are produced, allowing the last print in the edition to exhibit the same print quality as the first image.

Giclée prints are commonly purchased by and shown at museums and galleries, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), the Guggenheim (New York), the British Art Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Like all fine artworks on paper, giclée prints should be framed under glass or plexiglass, and should not be displayed in direct sunlight or near a direct heat source.

Most images are available in sizes, 11″ x 14″, 19″X15″ and 29″ x 21″. Sizes are approximate due to slight variation from one image to the next. Please note each edition of 50 or 99 includes all prints of all sizes.

Please contact Cheryl St. John for specific details on frame sizes and styles and mat colors and styles.